Journey of a Petrol Head

Services for Motor Dealers

Here at PetrolHead towers, our marketing department offer two distinct advertisement services to the motor trade.  They are

Video reviews that advertise the car

This site is all about motoring reviews.  The cars we review are generally borrowed from dealers and we can add an advertisement section to the car we are reviewing with a view to aiding the sale of the car.

There are two offerings in this approach for a motor dealer.  With the first option, for a total outlay of €300 per car the dealer’s name can be mentioned and branding included in each of the four video segments for the car being reviewed.  The idea with this option is that when the reviews are being watched, the viewers can get in contact with the dealer if they find the car to their liking.  Also, even when the car is sold, the reviews will still be watched in YouTube.  The viewer may still reach out to the dealer who then has the possibility to discuss other stock items, or even discuss the car that the viewer has rung about (with a view to sourcing one or presenting an alternative option from current stock).  No such thing as bad publicity, as Phineas T. Barnum once said.

Alternatively,  for an initial outlay of €175, a fifth segment can be filmed that is specifically an advertisement for the car in question.  This segment will be hosted on the Journey Of A Petrolhead YouTube channel for a period of four weeks alongside the review segments and can then be renewed for a further period of four weeks for a cost of €75 per car.  While the main four review segments will remain on YouTube indefinitely, in this option there is no reference to the dealer during these segments.

Facebook Ads

Many people are searching for their next car while browsing Facebook.  As a result of this, many motor dealers are creating ads on Facebook for their particular cars.  However, I commonly see scenarios where the ads are merely a walkaround of the car, and do not really sell the highlights and really excite the viewer.

This can be solved – we can create an advertisement specifically for Facebook for any car being reviewed.  Less than 2 minutes in duration, this ad will be upbeat and highlight the features around the car in question, provide details on how to contact the dealer and also fire up the imagination of the viewer.

In the ad capture shown here, the filming took place on the dealer’s site with a banner produced that was positioned directly in front of the car, showing contact telephone number.  The ad was actually just a regular post on the dealer’s Facebook page, and at the time this screen capture was taken the ad was live for 6 days.  The average view for each standard Facebook that was not created by JourneyOfAPetrolHead was between 50 and 100 views – note the count on this ad created by JourneyOfAPetrolHead after 6 days is in excess of 9000 views.    


Special Limited Offer

For a limited time period, a Facebook ad will be included in every video review being filmed.  

Act fast, this offer will not be around for long!  Contact us to book your review today.