Who am I

Petrolhead Credentials

There is a viewpoint amongst car enthusiasts that you cannot be a proper petrolhead unless you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo – Alfas being the sort of car that hold strong kerb appeal, are enjoyable to drive, but are not exactly 100% reliable.  If that’s the only requirement for entry to the fraternity of petrolheads, then I qualify for 4 entries … !

So, with that cleared up, let me tell you more about myself.  My name is Paul, I live in the Republic of Ireland, and I’m a car enthusiast.  Since I was tiny I was interested in all things fast and flashy, and now that I’ve grown up (well, gotten older at least), I have managed to actually own a few cars and enjoy some automotive hobbies over the years.

Think I can hear a question from the back there, something like “What have you owned over the years” ?  Well, if you must ask, the current count is too long to specify them all, but the highlights include the following:

2014 Jaguar XF S

2004 Nissan 350Z

2001 Audi S8

1988 Porsche 944 Turbo – 220 bhp version

Of course, driving Italian exotica is definitely a pre-requisite for petrolheaded-ness.  Pity I didn’t actually own this one

Ferrari Mondial

I’m also a huge motorsport fan, and these days I prefer Touring Cars, Hill Climbs and Endurance Races.  The golden days of Formula One are long since gone. so I’ve given up following that until it actually rates talent over funds and until the drivers actually need to employ driving skills as opposed to video game skills to race.

In my time, I’ve been a motorsport marshal too.  That’s great fun and I urge everyone to give that a shot.  

Red flag – watching for stragglers

In between races

Job done

So, why are we here?

This website is about me helping you – I’ll be reviewing cars regularly, explaining the technical jargon that you may fall over occasionally and also describing the more exotic machinery that breaks into the wild from time to time.  Come join me on my ongoing JourneyOfAPetrolHead …