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1973 Alpine A110

One of my all time favourite car designs, the Alpine A110 was on sale from 1962 to 1977 after a launch at the 1962 Paris motor show.    Initially sold with an underpowered engine lifted straight from the R8, this 1.0 litre powerplant was upgraded continuously throughout the lifetime of the car, ultimately culminating in 1.6 litre 140bhp monster known as the A110 1600S.  This was the model that dominated the WRC in 1973.


The car was designed around a steel backbone chassis carrying fibreglass bodywork styled in coupé form (with a cabriolet following some years later).  Even though this was not an evolution of a Renault model, like every other Alpine car this model utilised many Renault components (not least of all the engines, they were all directly supplied by Renault).

A 5 speed manual transmission powered the rear wheels throughout the cars lifetime.  With the engine mounted aft of the transaxle, it proved a simple operation to upgrade the powerplant continuously.  While the car had a rearward weight bias as a result of the engine positioning, the benefits of improved traction and a good braking balance were deemed more useful.

Near the end of the car’s life, double wishbone rear suspension was installed at the rear as an attempt to keep the car competitive in international rallying.  While the resultant machine with a fuel injected 1.8 litre engine delivered 187 bhp, the A110 was no match for more modern designs and production soon came to an end.


Over the life of the car, many different engines were installed.


  • A110 1100 “70”
    Sold from 1964-1969, this variant used the Type 688 1108cc Renault R8 engine producing 66 bhp
  • A110 1100 “100”
    Sold from 1965-1968, this variant used the Type 804 1108cc  Renault R8 Gordini engine producing 95 bhp
  • A110 1300 S
    Sold from 1965-1971, this variant used the Type 804 1296cc Renault R8 Gordini engine tuned to produce 120 bhp
  • A110 1300 G
    Sold from 1967-1971, this variant used the Type 812 1255cc Renault R8 Gordini producing 105 bhp
  • A110 1500
    Sold from 1967-1968, this variant used the 1470cc Renault R16 engine shared with the Lotus Europa, producing  82 bhp
  • A110 1600
    Sold from 1969-1970, this variant used the 1565cc Renault R16 engine producing 92 bhp


  • A110 1300 V85
    Sold from 1969-1976, this variant used the 1289cc Renault R12TS engine producing 81bhp
  • A110 1600S
    Sold from 1970-1973, this variant used the 1565cc Renault R16 TS 1565 cc tuned to produce 138 bhp
  • A110 1600S
    Sold from 1973-1975, this variant used the Type 844 1605cc Renault R17 TS engine producing 140bhp
  • A110 1600S SI
    Sold from 1974-1975, this variant used the 1605cc Renault  R17 TS engine that was fitted with fuel injection and produced 140bhp
  • A110 1600S SX
    Sold from 1976-1978, this variant used the Type 843 1647cc Renault R16 TX engine producing 93 bhp

Note all the bhp figures above are quoted using SAE where
      DIN : power of the engine in the car with everything fitted
        SAE : power of the engine itself without the brake servo, alternator, ventilator, etc


Alpine A110 1600S (1973) – Vital Statistics

Power102 kW (140 bhp) @ 6000rpm
Torque144 Nm (106 lb/ft) @ 5000rpm
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)6.8 seconds
Maximum speed215 km/h (134 mph) 
Fuel consumption (average)10.3 l/100km (27.4 mpg)
Fuel type, tank capacityPetrol, 38 litres
Weight635 kg
EngineRenault 844 Cleon-Alu,
OHV, Aluminium alloy block and cylinder head,
Side mounted chain-driven camshaft,
Single Weber twin-barrel 45DCOE carburetor
Cylinders and valvesInline 4, 8v
Transmission5 speed Renault manual transmission


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